Project Description

Versi-Seeder Seeding on Large Areas

For overseeding golf fairways, sports fields and large commercial areas. The Versi-Seeder is a calibrated seed box that seeds, rakes and rolls (for good seed-to-soil contact), all in one pass.

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I am a very satisfied customer of Harmon Turf Services and always look forward to having Joe and his staff work on our field. I’ve always been pleased with service, workmanship and results, and our City Stadium-Casey Field is a solid reflection of their work, as we were recognized by the STMA as having the National High School Football Field of the Year in 1997–1998. Casey Field is a multi-use playing surface and, when in play for baseball, has also been highly praised for its playing surface. In 1999, we had Harmon overseed and roll both baseball and football playing surfaces, then immediately upon completion, had the local high school baseball team play on the field.
GREAT JOB — keep up the good work and thanks for all you do for us in Covington and the turf industry.
Allen L. Dressler, Director, Covington Parks And Recreation Department, Covington, VA